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Kebumen, Central Java

Kebumen is one of regencies in Central Java which has a major tourist attraction in the form of natural caves , artificial caves and geological attractions. Prepare your shoes, helmet, and flashlight for venturing into the belly caves in Kebumen. From Jakarta is about 420 kilometers and 110 kilometers away from Yogyakarta. The easiest way to get to Kebumen by bus, train and car.

Not only is the cave, actually Kebumen have beaches that are often used for the kite festival Petanahan Coast. Kebumen also has relics of the Dutch fort which Van Der Wijck Citadel, the fortress with walls painted a striking red.

Approximately 19 kilometers north of the city center there is a geopark is becoming a favorite among lovers of geology is Karangsambung. In Karangsambung, tourists can learn the process of evolution of the southeast Asian plate.

The total area is 1281.11 km2 Kebumen. Kebumen south consists of coastal lowlands and directly overlooking the Indian Ocean. In the north, a plateau region that is still part of the mountains Serayu.

In the west there are hills of limestone that stretches to the south coast of Java. Surrounding limestone hills that are the composition of the cave into a tourist attraction Kebumen mainstay.

Geological Tourism in Karangsambung, Kebumen, Central Java 

Geological Tourism Karangsambung located in a village in the northern town of Kebumen, Central Java. Distance from city Kebumen to the National Nature Reserve is about 19 Km Geowisata, and takes about 30 minutes.
Karangsambung is a natural laboratory and geological monuments are very interesting , both for research and geotourism object .
Field geological Karangsambung is comprehensive in the world, among geologists Indonesia and abroad it is known as Yellowstone Indonesia.

Karangsambung is a black box its natural processes . It is interesting to visit. Can be obtained answers to the question whether the earth is , how early would it be, what evolution is and what it means for human life
Both the activities of scientific research and tourism activities in Karangsambung managed by the Technical Unit and the Information Center of Earth Conservation LIPI. This unit has the facilities, which include residences, libraries, craft workshops and precious stones. Scientific tourism activities that include popular science lectures, discussions, field visits to various important locations, see the collection of rocks and gems making process . In addition, tourists can also take part in the hunt or search Luk Ulo rocks in the river.
In the area of ​​Information and Conservation Center of LIPI Earth can be seen the process of making crafts gems ranging from selecting material, cutting, and shaping precious stones. In addition to precious stones, we can also see the various collections that exist in Karangsambung rocks, tectonic models, and props to illustrate the dynamics of the earth at the museum.

Tourists are visiting the site will get an explanation of the various parent rocks and their formation process, including an explanation of the morphology of the amphitheater and the reversal of topography which provide an overview of the dynamics of the earth.
Evidence of the Earth's dynamics and morphology of outcrops of rocks seen in 15 point locations in the region. It took another two day visit to follow scientific advice. To reach the Center of Information and Conservation Earth LIPI be reached by passing through a flat paved roads, but follow the river meanders Luk Ulo located to the west. Meanwhile, to achieve the 15 locations can be reached by foot to a nearby location, while being much use of the vehicle.
Fifteenth site gives the diverse views of the uniqueness of each, which makes it valuable not only scientifically but also in the concept of natural attractions . Materials and other forms of rock to the alleged age or era that provides a variety of important fields of scientific research. While the scenery and an atmosphere that seemed able to arouse the curiosity of the traveler. Call it rock giants such amazing shape like a giant screen in a puppet show. Also called a shiny rock and thin stripes. Elsewhere there are more rocks marble of various colors and a number of other fascinating sights.

Special interest tours can be done in groups of 20-100 people at a go. The method adopted is the introduction of the earth in the classroom and outside the classroom . Earth science information from correctional improved in recent years. 
All activities Studi of Earth Sciences :
  • Watch the movie earth,
  • Enjoy popular presentation Karangsambung geological region,
  • See the collection of various rocks in the Museum,
  • Visit the souvenir shop,
  • Field excursions around the campus and the river Luk Ulo.
Activities of special interest tours, usually done in order to fill the school holidays, study tours, field excursion to the subjects of geography, etc. 
For the comfort and safety during field activities, requested to prepare for sports shoes, hat and mineral water.
There are several tour packages provided by LIPI :

Nummulites package was conducted at the campus visit LIPI Karangsambung for ½ day (4 Hours ) activities .

Materials provided :
  • General knowledge resources of the earth, earth disaster and Karangsambung geological
  • Rock Observation Building Museum Exhibit
  • Campus Environment Observation LIPI Karangsambung
  • Stone Craft Workshop Majesty 's visit
Facilities :
Scientific Presentations and Popular Field Supervisor

Pillow Lava package were conducted at the campus visit LIPI Karangsambung for 1 day (6 Hours ) field activities .

Materials provided :
  • General knowledge resources of the earth, earth disaster and Karangsambung geological
  • Rock Observation Building Museum Exhibit
  • LIPI Karangsambung Campus Environment Observation ( Up to Basalt Lava Outcrop )
  • Stone Craft Workshop Majesty 's visit
Facilities :
Scientific Presentations and Popular Field Supervisor

Other facilities available :
1. Dormitory and Guest House
2. Hall
3. Hotspot
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